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How to Come Alive Again


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How to Come Alive Again

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How to Come Alive Again

Beth McColl

It doesn’t matter that you’ve lived in shadows, that you’ve slept through years of your life, that you’ve done things you’re ashamed to admit even to yourself. It doesn’t matter that you’re an anxious, depressed, spaghetti-brained mess with a shouty monster brain that keeps you from conforming to society’s definition of normal. Beth McColl has been there – sometimes she still is there – but in this book she shares what’s worked for her and what hasn’t, what’s gotten her into trouble and then back out of it again, and what she wishes she’d known from the start: How to get through a bad day Questions to ask your doctor The truth about medication Ways to practise self-care and mindfulness What to expect from a partner How to forgive your past self, and so much more… How to Come Alive Again is a relatable, honest, at times joyous and above all practical guide for anyone who has a mental illness – or anyone who knows and loves someone who does. It’s the basics for mending your life, accepting yourself, changing what doesn’t work, killing the worst of it and learning to live again.

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